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The secrets of effective Webinars in Marketing

Webinars have been used as marketing tools successfully for a long time. They are popular among people involved in affiliate marketing. Finding an affiliate marketing program online is easy and so is finding a webinar that goes along with it. Essentially, webinars should be used as a tool to convert leads but most of the time the message they carry just gets lost because it fails to capture the imagination or better yet, convince prospective customers to take more than a cursory glance at the marketing program being presented.

Webinars are a great tool to ensure that your clients (existing and otherwise) get valuable information that will lead them to look at whatever is being sold. Customers want to know what your products value-add is especially in the world of affiliate marketing. Webinars take content and make it visual, interactive and exciting.



About Webinar Marketing Business In a Box

Webinar Marketing Business Box is a PLR (private label rights) pack on webinar marketing by the self-styled affiliate marketing guru Dr. Amit Pareek. Dr. Amit Pareek has had a steady following of people who have used methods presented in previous works. His approach to the digital world and how we can use it to boost and convert leads come highly recommended. The latest product is a complete step-by-step guide to how people can make money through webinar marketing.

Why would anybody need to incorporate webinars in a marketing strategy?

The name Webinar could be a combination or derivative of web-based seminar. Most people who have inefficient webinars are the once who take the suggested meaning seriously and end up delivering long uninspiring lecturers. As a marketing tool, webinars need to be inspiring. They need to create the kind of interest straightforward marketing tools cannot. Webinars should do one or more of the following:

  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Target specific audiences and develop bonds
  • Generate sales leads

Webinars are effective when it comes to generating leads.

This is due to the following facts:

  • Webinars attract audiences who are interested; even if it’s just a mild curiosity that drives them a great webinar session can change curiosity to interest. The ultimate goal is to have a webinar that ends up with a substantial number of registers participants requesting further contact or a one on one interaction via phone, or e-mail


  • Webinars have a wider reach. They are open up the globe for you to broadcast your message. With the Internet your reach into different global economic and different people across different continents is easy. You could be an Internet internationally recognized company or brand without ever needing to travel to some foreign country.


  • Contrary to popular belief, the ultimate goal is not to collect online contacts or e-mail addresses – It is about finding quality leads. A fraction of people might be watching your webinar but from that fraction, an even smaller fraction will fall into the quality leads list. They allow access from anywhere in the world


  • Everybody loves free stuff but sometimes it’s not about the money. When people don’t feel like they have received what was promised or what they hoped for, the fact that they did not pay a fee might not appease them. Time is a valuable commodity treasure.

Creating and sticking to the webinar cycle

Webinars go through a 5 stages life cycle:

The Basic Planning stage

  • Be clear bout your plans and goals
  • What do you aim to achieve?
  • Who are you targeting and why?
  • What interests your potential viewers?
  • Are you going to deal with broad subjects or hone in on one topic
  • Single presenter or multiple speakers
  • Should you use graphics and if yes, what would be engaging and appropriate to use

This is an important step because if neglected or incorrectly done, it could turn the whole experience into a waste of valuable time.

  1. Creation stage

Design the flow of your presentation. Write a script to follow highlighting important points. You do not have to go into deeper details but give information that will pique the interest of the viewer. Use graphics and illustrations to engage the viewer and create something that will appeal to your targeted audience. The webinar marketing biz in a box has tools and templates that you can use in crafting the most creative

  1. Promotion stage

Create a landing page that is attractive and spells out what participants can expect to gain from the webinar. The first simple way of promoting the webinar is to create an automated email campaign that sends periodical messages starting with a captivating welcome message. Use social media to spread the word around. Promotion should begin at least 2 weeks before the actual date. Send e-mail reminders and see if there aren’t any sites that would feature your webinar announcement in time. The best sites for free publicity are review sites and blogs.

  1. Run

Before you get into the webinar make sure that it is as slick as it needs to be and that you hit the right points at the right time. Do a dry run in front of a live audience inviting them to listen with a critical ear. Pre-wedding criticism might help you fill the gaps in your narrative and give you the confidence that you need to pull off a successful webinar session.

  1. The feedback and follow-up stage

The best way to find out if people found your webinar useful is to ask them to rate it or to leave comments. Criticism will not kill you but it will help you resent a better product. Encourage people to ask questions and respond to every comment and answer all answers sent to you. This shows your potential customers that you are an accessible person who is secure enough to handle all forms of criticism and maybe someone who is open enough for them to trust you. At this point you can offer a special webinar marketing bonus.


Dr. Amit Pareek’s Webinar Marketing Biz In A Box is an easy to follow guide that teaches you all that you know to take your business to new heights. The most important words in this review are about to be spoken. Are you ready for them? Here they come, TAKE ACTION. If you buy this product, go through it, and don’t take action. You will not succeed.This system will give you results as long as your take action in what Dr. Amit Pareek teaches in this course.

So, having that said – I highly recommend Dr. Amit Pareek’s Webinar Marketing Biz in a Box to anyone who is willing to take action. Whether you are new to the game, or a webinar marketing expert, if you are willing to do what you are told and follow simple direction then this program is RIGHT for you.

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